Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Exhibition opening reception tonight

I'm kind of just kicking around today--tonight is the opening, and I just wanted to take care of a few things around here, and just chill...mingling with "strangers" always makes me a bit apprehensive, and since this is business, I have to put my social phobias away, and get in gear.

My parents did want to attend, since they are lifelong friends with the celebrated sculptor Peter Rubino, and he and his wife said they were planning to attend also, but my Dad just started his next round of chemotherapy, and he is too weak and immune compromised to of course, my Mom isn't going to leave him alone in the house...completely and totally understandable.  My Dad was sad to miss it, but I told him not to worry, he's going to get better, and once he's feeling good and in remission, there will be more openings, I promise.

I was surprised at the number of people that decided to attend...happy, but again, apprehensive.  I prefer to stay out of the social "limelight" and am on the reclusive side, so this is a good prompter to get me out of my studio and out to meet the people who actually enjoy my work...that idea makes everything more relaxed for me.

I have some deadlines to meet, Pernod on the 30th is one, and Feb. 24th for my portrait commission, so after tonight, I have to really knuckle under this weekend.  I also wanted to get a new still life in, plus try to get out and get some open air work done...I'm really pent up with alot of frustrating "relationship" concerns, so this helps me to clear my mind.

Ahhhhh life, ain't it grand??

I'll let you all know how it goes tonight...I'm going to be on my best behavior ;-)

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