Monday, January 18, 2010

New Landscape painting--"Lizard Creek in Winter (the little red tree)"

My newest painting is:  "Lizard Creek in Winter (the little red tree)"  and it is 16" x 20" oil on canvas.

I keep returning to the creek as my motif through this ongoing series...I don't know how many I'll finally paint yet, but several more at least.

Manifesto behind the art is simply that the creek is a "constant."  No matter what season, it is there and extends a friendly reception.  Whether I am content or dejected, the stream is still there, with it's crisp, cold water, and the rushing flow that sounds like the tinkling of little brass bells.  There is no deception in this creek...the water is clear like glass, and if there is any pollution or corruption, if perchance, there is, it cannot be discerned in the clear, fresh stream of it. That would be beyond the naked eye, not grotesquely parading about in front of my eyes.  The vegetation on it's dark, earthen banks kneels to communicate with is always a scene of comfort, even if the rest of the world tilts in utter chaos.  So, it beckons me again and again.

My choice, as usual lately, is to utilize a limited palette...I prefer the harmony and simplicity of that.  Palette was as follows:  Titanium white, prussian blue, french ultramarine, lemon yellow, cadium yellow medium, burnt sienna, cadmium red medium, mixed with Liquin. 

I have a frame that I feel was made for this painting, and will be putting the art into that--perfect dress for it's debut. 

Now, I will start on the studies of the children.  They are coming over later on, and hopefully I can get some good solid reference sketches without too much squirming.  Again, since this is "par coer" it doesn't matter too much to me how badly they wriggle, as I know their little faces so well, they are second nature to me.


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