Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, and as a believer, this is day always marks the beginning of a horrible yet glorious journey began over 2000 years ago, for our sakes...a permanent change in the universe, a cataclysmic shift in the cosmos...the opening and option of Heaven for us.  

I always cry when I think of the depths of pain, and to the limitless heights of Heaven Jesus decidedly accomplished for us.  To think that for the time he spent on the cross, how horrible it was for him, to be despised by all of Heaven and earth, the unimaginable pain and isolation he bore during that time.   As a parent, to is incomprehensible to me to think of my son being crucified, and me DESPISING him as he hung on that cross, which is what happened in those hours, when Jesus was separated even from the Father.  The thought is absolutely heartbreaking, and yet from the darkest recesses of pain, came the ultimate glory...the ultimate sacrifice brought the purest and most supreme love.

 From my human heart, I can't thank him enough, or love him more deeply for HIS love, his suffering, his beauty.  Thinking of the limitless options and choices he had at his disposal, a selfish God would have left us to contend with ultimate consequences to our actions, but instead he chose to love, and offered us that choice in return.  Thank you Jesus.

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