Monday, January 17, 2011

Fuel - Innocent

Satan, you know where I lie

Gently I go into that good night

All our lives get complicated

Search for pleasures overrated

Never armed our souls

What the future would hold

When we were innocent


Angels, lend me your might

Forfeit all my lives to get just one right

All those colors long since faded

All our smiles are confiscated

Never were we told

We'd be bought and sold

When we were innocent

Yeaaaaaah Yeah

This prayer is for me tonight

This far down that line and still ain't got it right

And while confessions not yet stated

Our next sin is contemplated

Never did we know

What the future would hold

Or that we'd be bought and sold

When we were innocent, innocent

When we were innocent

It's so cold...I finally had to bring it all in tonight, since my studio is a frozen, barren tundra.  I'm in my office, with my outdoor easel set up, working like an elf in these little quarters.  Sniffing fumes and smoking cigars...

I looked out the window, and the snow is gently falling again...but I won't drown in the snow.  The aroma of odorless spirits is noxious...but the sweet scent of cloves makes me feel good.  Happy Birthday!! Or, is it Happy Un-Birthday?  Whatever....

Still the snow is falling.  I'll be o.k. in the morning.  What do ya want?  Maybe it's cabin fever...

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