Monday, January 24, 2011

Mandy Moore - Only Hope

Feeling quite sentimental tonight...I've always loved this song by Mandy Moore, and the whole sequence.  She looks and sounds so angelic, that watching her makes you think that there can actually, if even for just a fleeting moment, be purity in this world.  

I've finished another two small studies, and am still frustrated by the weather.  My studio is literally frozen solid, and now that we are having a heat wave for the next few days (projected to go up to 37 degrees--woohoo!!) I can set about "defrosting" it.  In other words, hauling all my paintings in progress, paints, mediums, etc., back out there.  Fun!

So, rather than complain about the gypsy studio I have going right now, I'll just be thankful to be able to get back out into my space, barn rat and all (yes, he's still there) and get painting.  I have two big exhibitions coming up, and I really need to be completely prepped for that.  I don't like rushing, and I don't like "loose ends..."  That must be the irrepressible perfectionist in me.

So, I'll post the new paintings tomorrow and the next day, but in the meantime, enjoy beautiful Mandy Moore, and her heavenly voice ♥

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