Thursday, January 27, 2011

New painting

"A brave new world (for the love of Baby)"  by Hilary J. England, 26" x 30" oil on canvas

This is painting number four in the series I'm doing about young adults.  This painting was a process of sketches, a few thumbnails, some reference photos, and mostly flying par coer. 

I really enjoyed this painting, until I got to the dreaded midway plateau.  It was mostly physical discomfort, cold feet, old equiptment, semi frozen paint and chunky medium but also the added stress of starting to get uptight when I reach that point of the impatience in general, since I long to be done with it, and my anxiety of whether I'm staying true to the vision of what I had in mind, but also, has that vision's like skipping off the path and finding yourself in a bog.  Not good.

This painting has many meanings to me beyond the obvious.  The very young mother and baby girl are alone...the empty chair  and the large door symbolizing the absence of Father.  Baby looks for Father, but he is gone.  The delicate candlesticks show it is just them, and the candles have not yet been touched, showing they have their full lives in front of them.  The atmosphere around them is hazy, dreary and dark, yet they are entwined tightly together and rendered in high key, to show their love and unity, and Mother's protection of her infant.  Mother has skipped to the drumbeat of the world, as shown by her makeup, and now, she has reached this place, and she must bravely go forward from this point, for the love of herself and the love of Baby...There is more, but it is highly personal to me, so the rest of the story is yours to finish and adapt into your own concept.

There seems to be a glut of "Ross" like painters out there...who wear L.L. Bean, speak very slowly and pronounce each word carefully, who loathe to show any emotion besides super PC, but that's certainly not me.  I prescribe to the old school of flowing and passionate emotion, and being of a wild heart and nature. I try to keep things tame in my paintings, because I feel that the recognizable qualities of order and coherency are a better representation of what the deeper meanings behind my artwork are.  It's a kaleidescope of may see one thing in the representation of the painting, I see another, and someone else sees yet another thing.  That's the way I roll...

This painting will be in the coming exhibitions, as well as in process for a limited edition print series.  So, out to the studio...and time to begin again.

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