Saturday, January 29, 2011


"Seashell and sand" by Hilary J England, 8" x 11" oil on canvas panel
Unbelievable!  MORE snow!  This has to be the snowiest winter in quite a while, and the skiers are just starting to break out of their shellshock and come to--so we've been seeing alot of travelers.

I've got a mountain of snow to the left of my drive so high, they could literally go skiing on that!  I'm not going to fuss over it though--it is what it is, and there's no use bitchin about it.  So, work as usual.

Since my mind has been drifting towards the ocean, and the warm weather to come.  I am going to start posting some of the studies I have done at the beach, and some I'm doing of shells as still life paintings. 

Again, I will continue on this thread until I get it out of my system.  My Dad always said I have "tunnel vision!" 

So, I hope this little painting can help you to conjure some warmer thoughts!

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