Friday, March 25, 2011


"Wall flower (morning glory against barn study)" by Hilary J England, oil on canvas, 8" x 10"

I haven't blogged in over a week, and that always makes me feel a little bad.  I had been in one of those funky moods, that, although I was getting work done, I was not feeling balanced, and I was a bit down.  Every time I would look at the keyboard, my mind would go blank and I would just feel a bit squirmy.  So, I avoided it...yes, I do work hard to overcome procastination sometimes.

During that time, my back is improving a bit each day, I have cut the medicine back to one tablet only at bedtime, and I am starting to feel like myself again.  Also, I had two separate articles published in local news, which was nice, and I was asked to be EBSQ Art's Blogger of the week (ah the irony!) this week, so that was a very surprising honor!  You can read that article/interview here:

Also, I was contacted by a very old friend, literally.  When I was a young girl growing up in New York, I had  neighbors across the street named Joan and Dave, and my brother and I would play with their grandson.  I loved them both deeply, and Joan was the most fascinating woman to me.  She is a Brit, and she is elegant, intelligent and gentle, and treated me with such kindness and dignity, I loved and admired everything about her.  She is/was a writer and an editor, and her Victorian house was always filled with such interesting and unique objects, antiques, ancient books, and of course, her manuscripts.  Joan and Dave's home reminded me of a scene out of a C.S. Lewis novel, with all of the intrigues of Narnia waiting in one of their wardrobes...

Anyway, Joan is up there in age now, and I had not seen her in over a decade since we all moved in different directions and regions.  You can imagine my surprise to receive an email from her the other day, saying she had read about me in the newspaper, and how happy she was to see the article.  That email brought tears to my eyes as I remembered how sweet she was, and also to know that both her and Dave were, as she put it, "still around."  I was able to get her number, and now I look forward to visiting her and Dave this week.  What a blessing!

I do have quite a busy weekend...hopefully this annoying winter will finally go back to the North Pole where it belongs and we'll have no more snow.  I'm not a snow hater, I just don't like things out of order, and snow in Spring is a bit tiresome! 

Art Expo at Pier 94 this weekend in New York City.  I will be there on Sunday afternoon, floating around and taking the sights...if you're there, I look forward to meeting you!

In the meantime, I posted another little bit of warm weather for you, done against the beams of an old neighborhood barn.  Morning glories are one of my favorite (you'd understand that if you saw my backyard!!).  Enjoy!♥♥

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