Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beautiful beautiful day

What a gorgeous day out today.  I worked in my studio on the pastel painting I started, and then Mark and I decided to take a ride to Palmerton for a few errands, and a quick lunch down by the river.  We were enjoying all of the nature, the scattering of folks fishing along the river, the bright new foliage, and feeling thankful to live in area with so much natural beauty.  Yes, the afternoon was quite beautiful.

We started home, riding down Route 895, when in the field parallel to the road, we both saw what appeared to be a large vulture, except that his flying pattern was different from that of a vulture.  He would beat his wings in a sort of two step pattern, and then glide, yet it was unlike the almost seemless gliding of a vulture.  We slowed down to look at him, and in a flash, against the sun, it appeared his tail was snow white.  My breath caught in my chest!!  Could it be?  A bald eagle?

We pulled the car to the side of the road, the two of us scrambling out of the car, across the highway to get a better look at him.  Yes indeed, it was a bald eagle.  He dived down towards the creek, and disappeared behind the treeline, so we ran for the car to follow him.  By the way, I realized in my excitement, I was standing in a poison ivy patch in sandals, but that did not dampen my enthusiasm!!

We got in the car, and cautiously followed the winding road to where we saw the eagle disappear to, and lo and behold, there he was, roosting in a dead tree on the side of the stream.  We were beside ourselves with excitement, and as we hurriedly whispered and got into position to get some awesome phots, he flew away!  Doh!  Kind of like catching the whopper on the end of your line and he jumps out of your hands back into the water!!

Anyway, just getting to see this majestic bird in all of his regal glory in the "wild" was worth the short duration of our sighting of him.  I had seen another a few weeks ago, but just a glimpse from the corner of my eye.  This was a full on viewing!!

That made my day :-)

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