Saturday, May 14, 2011

Misty day in the valley

"Contemplation" by Hilary J. England, oil on hardwood panel, 12" x 12"

What a calm and misty day in the valley...I had baby Amelia with me...she is such a good baby.  She spent the day with me, and didn't cry once.  She is like a little living, smiling dolly, and when I look into her sweet, good natured smile, and her sparkling blue eyes, it touches me to the depths of my soul.  It's like seeing love itself, the way God intended it--purity, goodness, gentleness.  It's as if I was looking beyond the veil into the sanctuary itself, a glimpse into the presence of the truth, when I look into her eyes.  I feel such a swell of love and gratitude for allowing me to have a little sight of that, in this rather turbulent and frequently chaotic world.

I had alot of annoying things to do, and the morning started with me jumping to my feet and running, literally, as I overslept the one day I needed to be on time, so the morning started in a rush...the way I dislike starting the day.  I got everything I accomplished I needed to, but I got some irritating news along the way, nothing other artists don't experience, so I try not to take things to personally, as evidenced by the 1000 other names on the email. 

So, I am back to work at things for tonight.  I have to put together my new, giant studio easel, which is supposed to be sturdy enough to handle some of the enoromous and ambitious canvases I'm tackling, I have to finish the pastel I'm working on, and I have to finish up this little still life I started about an hour ago.  I have multiple paintings to post, but I was lazy about photo-ing them, with being so busy lately.  Noelle's illness has been taking up alot of my time, poor thing, and now we have to go to the pediatric specialist on Monday, almost 2 hours' drive from home, so that should take the entire day again.  I am anxious to get things under control, as she is exhausted from both her illness and the relentless doctor's visits and tests, as am I, and I feel helpless to make her feel better.  I have faith that the doctor's will give her the appropriate course of treatment and make her well again.

So, enjoy the evening, and will post more paintings as I get them photographed.

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