Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday...and the countdown begins!

"Poppy field" by Hilary J England, Oil on canvas, 2011
Let the countdown to school begin!!  Brother, I am sooooooo looking forward to these teenagers having something to do with themselves again.  I don't remember ever hanging around the house whining and being annoying at this age--I was always out....getting in trouble LOL.  Maybe it's better they stay around and whine about being bored!!!

Here is my newest study out in the was actually done about a month or two ago, but I have been slacking with keeping up with my photography, so here it is now!  It's called "Poppy field," because, it was a field full of poppies and wildflowers!!  Sorry, I wasn't thinking of anything exotic in terms of names with this one.  I really enjoyed painting it was one of those really relaxing and satisfying paintings with no hiccups...hiccups usually occur outside like your easel being blown face down in the dirt by the wind, getting stung by a bee or eaten by mosquitos, forgetting your turps, or getting chased away by irate farmers who don't want their land "painted."
None of that for this one!

So, out to get a jog in and some other stuff today...enjoy!!♥

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