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Exciting News!

I am very honored over being chosen as an Artslant Showcase Winner for for Round #2 in their 2011 Competition.  When I opened their email notice, I felt like Charlie Bucket opening the Willy Wonka candy bar and seeing that instant flash of gold, and then came the rush...awesome!!!!

I know they will be publishing the winners on their website in the next couple of days, so I will keep my eyes open for that...but I am just really happy right now to have been chosen, and I will enjoy that today♥

I am working on several paintings right now, including one commission, so I am pretty busy.  The weather seems to be holding steady...hovering right above freezing, so my studio is quite frigid, but getting a little fire cooking helps, as does my heater.  Spring seems to have stalled here...

Art Expo NYC was an amazing event, and we had a wonderful time that day.  Me, Ant, Dad, Jilly and Trevor had a lovely lunch in Jilly and Trevor's new pad on the West Side, and then…


I haven't blogged in over a week, and that always makes me feel a little bad.  I had been in one of those funky moods, that, although I was getting work done, I was not feeling balanced, and I was a bit down.  Every time I would look at the keyboard, my mind would go blank and I would just feel a bit squirmy.  So, I avoided it...yes, I do work hard to overcome procastination sometimes.

During that time, my back is improving a bit each day, I have cut the medicine back to one tablet only at bedtime, and I am starting to feel like myself again.  Also, I had two separate articles published in local news, which was nice, and I was asked to be EBSQ Art's Blogger of the week (ah the irony!) this week, so that was a very surprising honor!  You can read that article/interview here:

Also, I was contacted by a very old friend, literally.  When I was a young girl growing up in New York, I had  neighbors across …

New series offshoot

I've started to move in another direction with my series...I've included a wider range on the paintings, in terms of the view...they will not be so up close and direct, although they will still be a somewhat tightly bound composition.

I've started three new preliminary studies...I like working in threes (must be a compulsion).  One painting is the final phase of the teenage girls I was working with, and the other two I've branched out a bit, and I'm really excited to begin working on those studies and sketches.  I will also be working bigger with these paintings, with the smallest being 24" x 36", and a possible triptych in this series.

So, I am excited to begin this new phase in my series.  In the meantime, enjoy this little plein air painting from last summer.  It's a local barn, and I was working against the fading evening, but wow, was the sunset beautiful that night, with some storm clouds mixed into the evening sky,  giving it a really purple hu…

Some tidbits!!

Here is a study done last year at Hawk Mountain, in their botanical display area.  They have alot of examples of native plants, and a lovely little pond with an abundance of lilypads and flowers.  I am looking forward to painting at Hawk Mountain again in the coming warmer months.

Today was busy...some "kids" stuff in the morning, new car hunting this afternoon, plus started a new painting this afternoon, and now cooking up some food...all this through the moderate back's getting a little better, so I am DEFINITELY thankful.

I got some donations today through the mail, towards my campaign for the Florence Biennale, THANK YOU!  Every little bit helps, and again, you get some beautiful, original artwork and the satisfaction of knowing you helped further our cultural activities in the global arena.  If you want to donate, even as little as $5.00, I would be so appreciative, and would love to send you a little gift for your support♥  Here is the website:   http://w…

Art Expo NYC 2011

Well, the weather is starting to get a little more bluster with the fresh breezes, and the faint earthy scent  of Spring is on the air, so I feel my spirits starting to lift with each sniff!  The crocuses have opened their splendid little petals, and Daylight savings is nearly upon us--Welcome Spring!! 

Art Expo NYC is rapidly approaching, and due to some scheduling conflicts, I will not be able to be there on Saturday, but I will be there for the last day of the Expo, on Sunday afternoon, from 2 pm until closing at 6 pm.  I look forward again to meeting some more wonderful people!

I had a visit with my Doctor, and I feel confident that with his management, I can get this back issue healed, and it is slowly starting to feel a little better, so I am not as down in the dumps about the constant pain, since it is starting to lessen.  That is enough to make me jump for joy, but I'll do that with caution LOL.

The newspaper interview went very well, and I was happy to meet such a lovely…

new painting in series!

This is the newest painting, "Misbehaved"   It is painting no. 5 in my series studying American youth, and the effects of an evolving and shifting culture on these young adults, in particular, young women.  In this painting, I am exploring the subject of behaviors we now consider "taboo" versus the rebellious nature of youth, and the dichotomy of "now versus then" in that there is a constance in the "immortal" thinking of all youth of all culture, and in their defiance of current "norms" in their quest to find themselves.

This was done both conceptually, and par coer from several different studies, drawings, and also observations of the young people I have been studying.  **No animals or children were hurt in the commission of this painting, LOL.**

With that said, this painting is 18" x 24" oil on hardwood panel.  It was a challenge to portray the rickety, broken wooden panels, and pull out the midtones in a paint…

Details and other mundane things

Red Dot NYC went really well.  I met a whole group of interesting people from NYC, and different parts of the country and world.  I also became acquainted with several other artists, and that was a really nice event.  I look forward to exhibiting with them again in the near future.  It would have been a stellar day if I wasn't nearly crippled from the recent back injury I seem to have incurred.  I was hospitalized on Friday, the day before, and this really made me extremely depressed.  No medicines seem to be working, and I am just madder than a hornet now...

I have been working in extreme pain, and this adds an element of frustration, anger and sadness to everything I look at, or even conceive in my mind.  I keep hoping the pain will lessen, and it has been, in very small increments.  I don't want to take any narcotic pain medicine, because it makes me incoherent, and contrary to popular culture, I DON'T want to be "high" and out of it, I hate that when I'm…