Friday, January 13, 2012

"The Tree (Autumn dusk)" by Hilary J. England, 8" x 11" 2012

I have doing little painting studies between fighting through a brutal math course, and never-ending annoyances with kids, for real.  I think these little studies help to keep me sane.  The winter seems to sometimes put a damper on my feelings after a while, because everyone has this inclination to remain inside and under each other's feet and skin.  If someone askes me one more time "what's to eat," I may go postal LOL.

Anyway, I haven't been to the canal in a few days, and that has me depressed.  I miss my runs, and my knee has been hurting, my good one, so that has me a little worried.  I'm so damn thankful this math course will be over next week, and I still have to find time to truck 8 paintings down to Ft. Lauderdale in the next week and a half for a dual show down there.  Yikes...but, road trips I enjoy.  Staying at home studying for math, I do not.

So, that's where its' at.  I've been lazy with the holidays photoing new work, and have just started a new direction for a new series, this year.  Same subject matter, slightly different progression.  It's what I love, painting people and landscapes and if I can combine them, even better.

So, here is another little paint study called, "The tree (Autumn dusk)" and it was painted right here in Schuylkill county Pennsylvania.  Enjoy♥

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