Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Paris, Night Four

Evening in Artist's square, Monmartre, Paris

Valentine's Day in the Romance capital of the world is not a place to spend alone, so rather being branded "unloveable" by a restaurant full of French patrons for being the only single in the place, I decided to retreat to my room with some Chinese takeout and along with some delectables from the local bakery and a quart of fresh milk....man, do the French know their pastries!!!!
I will remember that delicious vanilla custard and strawberry tart forever!!  The pastry shell was so light, buttery and delicate, the custard so smooth and flavorful, and the strawberries perfectly sweet, mild and glazed, paired with a quart of perfect tasting milk,...I was in fat person's heaven!

I got all of my online work done, and have completed another two paintings...my goal is to get at least another two done tonight, maybe three if I can push myself through it.  Tomorrow, off to the Marais to the gallery meeting...sigh, the worst part of this business hands down--dealing with curators (no offense to any out there) and answering all the annoying questions, etc.  I wish I had a body double that enjoyed that, so I could send her instead!!!

So, I basically just hung around my room working today, slipping out here and there for a break and a stretch of the legs, but I got a lot done, so I don't feel like I wasted any time.  Tomorrow is my last day here until June when I do my residency between Nice and Paris, so I will get done as much as I can, and then go back to the States knowing it was a fruitful trip.  I may even have time to pop into the Louvre for a few hours if I wake up early enough.

It either rained or snowed every day I was here, but tonight the weather is warmer...I have my window open and the breeze is quite gentle and refreshing, and makes the room cool and sweet.  I love Paris, but again, this time the trip was a bit different--I had many issues pressing on my mind when I got here, and it was all business for me, even the visits to the museums (that's education).  I really didn't have chat or light conversation with anyone except the hotel clerk the entire time I was here...kind of odd to be in such a big city and to slip around almost like a ghost...that's OK because it's what I wanted.  I could ponder and think things through without distraction.

So, going to move one foot from my desk to my "artist station" and sleeping quarters: my bed, and start another painting....

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