Thursday, January 17, 2013


Ugh.  Flu.  Flu flu flu.  I have been sick as a dog for nearly a week now, and boy does it STINK.  I have struggled through this for the last week, and now I going to give in go to the Doctor.

So, after yesterday's snow/ice storm, and being stuck in my bed for the last week, I'm ready to climb the walls!!!

I can't wait to get better and get back to working on some new works.  I have some good ideas for some new pieces, and even a new series.  It would be a blend of oil paintings, digital work, and maybe some sculpture as well.

That's that for now!

Old Stone cottage and wildflowers

 "Old stone cottage and wildflowers" by Hilary J. England, oil on canvas, 8" x 11" Lest you think I have moved to some r...