Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Moving is a B*tch!

Moving is a b*tch!  Everything about it sucks!  But, once it's over, a new chapter begins, and new adventures as well.

I have been working on a few little paintings, and pondering a new series, but I will not formally tackle that until we are settled in our new place.  That will take some concentration, and I cannot do that until this chaos is all cleared up.  My divorce should be finalized in three months, my graduation is in two months (and no, I will probably not return for another degree until at least January!), and my lovely sister's wedding is in three weeks, so there are many many things to keep me busy in the next few months, so a new series will have to wait until June to embark on it.

I will however, post up any plein air work I do, so that will keep my mind moving along nicely as well!

So, good night, and I'm looking forward to posting some new work in the next few days.

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