Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rain and Fog

"Somber tree, happy flowers"
8" x 10" oil on canvas, 2013

The day started off foggy and somber, for Uncle Bob's festive birthday, but not one to be mastered by the weather, pavilions and tents were set up to keep the party-goers dry.  I am looking forward to attending, even if it is now later than I expected.

I saw this tree, with a field of cultivated flowers, and it was somber in the fog.  I wondered what was wrong with it, that all of the leaves had fallen away, leaving a spiderweb of delicate branches, not yet abused and broken by the elements.  The death must have been recent, as the tree once had thrived.  It reminded me of recent events, the fog, the unforeseen events, with the deceptively beautiful flowers all about, cultivated and controlled, but never really.  We only think we control things, but we know deep inside that is an illusion.

It put me in a pensive mood, so I painted a pensive sort of a picture, yet, it still has an element of laughter just ready to burst through the fog and mist, just beneath the surface, because all fog clears, all clouds lift, all rain goes away eventually, and the sun comes back, and life moves on.


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