Thursday, October 24, 2013

Work and the tidal wave

"Bug buddies" Clay sculpture, 8" x 11", 2013, by Hilary J. England

I have started working on my new series, and it is wonderful to be back on track.  I was nearly rolled by the tidal wave of clinical depression, but I am fighting hard to keep moving, to keep my head above water, to not sink into that pit.

Mark has been holding steady, and we take things day-to-day.  I just try to make sure that I can put my game face on, and keep on track for the schedule I have.  I also am starting to do some volunteer teaching at the Tamaqua Arts Center, because I know one of the best ways to mentally feel better is to give back to others.  I will teach a 2 hour beginner's drawing class there once a week, and that helps the community by helping the kids learn some wonderful new skills rather than play video games, haha.

I have been working on these therapeutic little clay sculptures, as a warm-up to the bigger sculptures I am about to undertake for my series.  I always loved primitive art, folk art, and fantasy realm stories like from Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, etc., and it was in this frame of mind I did these kitschy little primitive sculptures.  They help lighten my mood, and cheer me up.  I hope they do the same for you! The first one is entitled "Bug buddies."  Enjoy :-)

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