Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year, New Hopes

"Stormy waves breaking over rocks" by Hilary J. England
8" x 10" oil on canvas, 2014

I have high hopes for 2014.  2013 was pretty much an awful year for us, but I have high hopes for 2014.  Sure, it has started off with an unhappy bang, with some potentially bad events looming in the future, but I have faith in the Lord to work it all out to the good of us that love Him.  So, we steam forward.

We have a very serious situation that cold-cocked us out of left field:  my oldest daughter being wrongfully arrested and facing some very large charges that could result in substantial jail time for her.  Long story short:  her landlord put stolen property into her garage without her knowledge, and she was arrested for possession of this stolen property.  She is a widow with four small children under 7 years old, and this is a devastating situation, to put it bluntly.  She has never been in trouble with the law, so this is really horrifying.

So, rather than lose my mind at the potential ramifications of this for her, the children, and our family in general, I am in deep prayer and maintaining faith that God will protect her and our babies through this ordeal, and the landlord and his cohorts will be prosecuted, and all charges will be dropped against her.

So, the paintings I have been doing are reflecting this pain.  I can't touch on it too deeply, just move in a way that will be both therapeutic and releasing for the deep pain that I am feeling right now.

This painting is called "Stormy waves breaking over rocks."  Enjoy~

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