Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hawk Mountain

Woman and vista, South lookout
Hawk Mountain, April 2014

I went up to Hawk Mountain and took a series of photos and did some painting, as it was absolutely wonderful up there.  This photo here I took of a woman relaxing at the edge of the precipice, just for scale.  She was gracious to sit for me.

Vulture circling the Valley, North lookout
Hawk Mountain, 2014

Here is one of a turkey vulture circling the Valley.  You can see the bird right above the innermost boulder on the bottom left.  It was a truly magnificent Spring day, with the warms and cools of the clear day really bursting forth!

Hiking up on the mountain really clears my mind.  I initially went up there just to sit quietly on the South lookout, but the weather was so fine, I decided to hike up to the North lookout as well, and I wasn't disappointed. No, no great or wonderful bird sightings, but the views were absolutely breathtaking and majestic from the bright, clear sky, that you could just see for miles.  That view never disappoints, even on a cloudy day.
Near the hall of the Mountain King
 Hawk Mountain, 2014
I did take many photos, and got a painting and some sketches in.  I did rue hiking to the North lookout with my gear, but for some reason, hiking up is never as bad as hiking down for me, as I'm always afraid of just tumbling down the mountain, and it's kind of hard to fall "up" haha.  At least for me it is...

So, I will post my painting from the mountain tomorrow, but today, time to head down to the canal and enjoy the rest of the day!!

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