Friday, May 9, 2014

After Church

"After Church" by Hilary J. England
60" x 48" x 2", oil on canvas, 2014
Close up, "After Church"
Close up, "After Church"
It was a monumental labor of love, but I finally finished the artwork.  I've called it "After Church."  My beautiful little darlings, in their dresses during the high key bright sunlit Spring Easter afternooon.  It was a wonderful day, full of love and friends, when things were still so very good.  Things are good now, just different.  Transition is always a difficult thing, and this is no exception, so I focus on the beauty that is in this life, and it's gifts, and that's what I was thinking of when I was painting this beautiful day.

Now, onto another painting in the series....these paintings are very difficult for me.  My attention span is not what it once was, and I get frustrated more easily, and working on large works requires alot of time, focus, energy and commitment, and I seem to lack all of the above these days, but I'm trying to discipline myself back into focus.  I had a hell of a year in every aspect: physically, emotionally, spiritually, even financially, and that drained me to the bottom of my I just keep trying to forge forward.  The Romanian residency will be here in just about a month, so now is time to gather steam rather than lose it.

So, here is the second in my new series, "Transitions."  Enjoy~

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