Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 7-8

Day one of the residency, and the property is splendid.  We came into the place at all hours, in dribs and drabs, as we did in the Romanian residency...stories of missed connections, and flooded train tracks, and all the other little mishaps that happen along the way during international travel, but in the end, the outcome is a good one.  It has been well worth the hiccups along the way.

We are an eclectic group of 8, we would have been 9, but the other artist, an Australian artist staying behind for extenuating circumstances.  Our hosts, Triparna and Shivajee, have been most acocmmodating, and their little son, "Ru Ru" is most adorable.  He reminds me of home, and my family, thinking of our babies, Maddie, Bronson, Amelia, and Isaac, and Nicole and Wade.  He makes me smile, as he is only 2 and 1/2 and is just as mischievious as a all little kids are.  He will add a touch of lightness to our group, as little ones do.

It's been a leisurely day, one of introductions, both formal and informal, hammering the "kinks" out with the technology and staff, sleeping arrangements and arrivals, and getting to know one another, as both artists and people.  I didn't get much work done in terms of beginning to paint, but that's OK, since tomorrow is another day, and that's my plan.  I was able to get a full night's rest last night, the first in nearly a week, and that was wonderful, I was able to refresh and reset, and feel nice and ready to do some painting tomorrow...also, the soak in the pool helped, I'm sure.  

The landscape here is fabulous...the views of Lake Vembanad are lovely with the soft blues, grays and cool greens that conjure thoughts of timeless and primieval continuity...just freshness of heart and mind.  I sit and watch the warm spot on the lake, a sinewy man, his dusky skin vibrating warm against the cool landscape of the rippling surfaces, fishing in his canoe, and you feel it could be now, or 100 years ago, or maybe even 1,000....the landscape evokes a timelessness that is palpable and comforting.  It will be a lovely experience to paint these sights, and to feel the truth of the landscape.  

The weather here is sublime, and the moisture of the day, which seems to be at 100% humidity at times even though the temperature does not seem to move out of the mid 80's F, is just hot enough to NOT be overwhelming, and now, in the evening, has given way to soft, clean and cool breezes off the water; the soothing sounds of the gentle waves, the swaying lilypads, and the tree frogs are enough to lull me comatose--a true tropical paradise.  I haven't been anywhere tropical in a bit, so this is a trip that is well overdue :-)  .

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