Saturday, August 1, 2015

Figure studies

More studies done at the Art Establishment.  This conte drawing was a half an hour study.  We have a nice little group going, and I forgot how much I love to draw the had been a while, and it is something you never tire least I don't!

I was planning on some plein air painting today, and the weather is just lovely, but it is also dangerous weather, in terms of sunburn, and having gotten 2 decent burns this summer already, I have opted to wait until after 2 pm to head out, just as a precautionary measure.  My back is still itching and peeling from the sneaky burn I got this past week at the shore, so no thanks.  I'll wait a little bit just to be sure.  I always seem to get burned in the areas I miss with the sunblock, and it gets frustrating!  So, how to make sure I don't get burned?  Abstinence from the sun lol.  The only sure preventative.

So, that's it for now :-)

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