Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Anatomical study

Study of back/torso/buttocks, HB pencil on Ingres paper, 10" x 12"
I have been doing some anatomical studies lately, as they are always helpful, no matter what stage of the game you are at.  This was a study done after a contemporary artist, Sabin.  I love his work, and reproducing great art and anatomical studies is also very helpful to help you with your own techniques.  I have never been one for cross hatching or linear drawings, as I am usually much more gestural and love the fluidity of finger blending, so this was a challenge to build layers strictly through linear hatching, and I enjoyed the change.

It's raining today, after yesterday's perfection of autumn weather, so I will probably stay in studio, work on my new painting in my series "Travelogue," and do some more anatomical studies.  I am looking forward to getting some fresh material in these upcoming weeks, and of course, clearing my mind with the refreshing fall breezes that are now upon us.

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