My Philosophy

.I'm a painter, a writer, a world traveler.   I've been painting since birth, or shall I say, since any relevant conscious memories occurred.  I am a native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn, and raised in the City. 

I don't live there anymore, but I enjoy visiting.

 I evolve along the route of my own journey and my own timeline, making my commentary about life around me, from where I am in the world -- a quiet place of observation, of sympathy, and I like being there.
I am a basically a self-taught artist, if you don't include many long sweaty summer stints at the Art Student's League in NYC. Painting has always been my passion, and I suppose it will always be.
I am amazed and inspired by life and all aspects of nature, people, and the coexistence of the two. My passion is painting people and landscapes, both equally beautiful and fascinating to me, so if I can combine the two, even better. I find the variety and sheer diversity of nature and humanity to be the driving force behind my need to create. Everywhere I look I see beauty, and for this, I am very thankful.
I love to paint boldly, although I find that a variety of different strokes and techniques makes for a most interesting painting. I find a sort of music in the rhythm of painting, and I try to convey that in my work. I don't have any particular style and don't like defining one or confining myself to any particular genre--I basically paint whatever interests me at the time, and hope others will also enjoy whatever insight I might have captured.


  1. Hilary, unspeakably beautiful work.

  2. Loved "Too Soon" & "Pain in the Ass", especially. Hang in there, girl. My thoughts will be with you & your husband. I suspect on a daily basis. Found your stunning work via link on the panc. site. Your paintings brought tears and then a huge smile of welcome recognition with the pain in the ass (self??) portrait. :)

  3. Thank you, dear one. I appreciate your prayers, it has been a very difficult time, but I know God is still in control, even when I feel I am completely off the rails. I look forward to starting a new series soon, so I am in the brainstorming process, and hope to birth an idea in the next month or so! I'm glad you enjoyed my work, that makes me happy to know it connects with you, and brings you some small moment of happiness in this sometimes brutal world.


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