Friday, April 13, 2012

Fever: 1793 — Episode 2 of Philadelphia: the Great Experiment

So, for my friends that didn't get to see the post on Facebook, here is the episode of "Philadelphia: The Great Experiment" Documentary on NBC that my painting "Salem cemetery in Autumn" is being shown in. 

A friend of mine commented that he especially likes the way the painting segues into a live scene with a priest presiding over a funeral, a live version of the painting.  It's pretty cool. 

NBC was kind to give us living artists credit in the end of the show credits for our consulation and the use of the images, etc. since they really used a lot of historical artwork (by deceased artists of course) throughout the entire series.

So, look carefully at the 7:09 to 7:12 time marker for the painting, and then 7:12 to 7:15 for the reeanactment of the painting, and I have my 6 seconds of my 15 minutes of fame, hahaha!!!

Seriously though, I was honored to work on a bit of historical film, since I am a huge fan of history and historical literature, music, of course art, and recently, film.  This was a cause I was happy to lend my artwork to be in, and, I got to learn a lot about Philadelphia I never knew, which was very interesting.

So, that's that folks.  Enjoy!!

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