Thursday, August 1, 2019

Portrait of Joey

"Portrait of Joey" by Hilary J. England, oil on canvas, 12" x 16" 2019

Portraits and life

I started working on portraits again.  I had taken a couple of months hiatus, after returning from Israel, as I had other projects that were really demanding, one being wrapping up my Master's degree, last week.

I love doing portraits, as it is always a challenge, but more, I feel like I get to know a person's spirit and soul while I am doing them.  This is especially true if a person has passed on -- and there is no physicality in this earthly plane anymore, to reference.  When a living portrait is created, I can reference the sitter, see their body language, the energy they give off, what their eyes tell me.  When I do a posthumous painting, I must pour over photos, listen to stories from their loved ones, and from those different elements, try to glean their essence -- what they were like while they were alive -- how can I capture their "likeness" in the portrait.

Defining a Portrait

A portrait is so much more than trying to copy a photograph.  You can copy a photograph down to it's last grainy pore, and not "capture" the person's true likeness.  Likeness comes when you can capture the persons' essence and spirit that emanates from their being-- in the present, or in the past, while they were alive.  When a person who loved them says to me -- "wow -- I can feel the happiness of their smile" -- or "you really captured their expression" -- then I know the artwork was a success-- it will "live" in the recipient's life, much more than just on their wall.

I have a Mom who tells me the portrait of her sons who both passed on gives her immense comfort, more so than any photo.  She "feels" them with her when she sits near their portrait in her living room.  This brings me joy to know it brings her comfort.  I feel my task was completed as an Artist when I hear her relay this to me.

And so, more will be on the way in the next few months now that my life is my own again! :-)

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Wildflowers at Sunset Prints on Sale!

Hello dear friends!

It’s been a hot summer week, and to combat the dog days of summer, I decided to offer one cheerful, best-selling landscape artwork from my Gallery, for **20%** off!! 😊🖼

I’ll do this once a week, until the kiddos all head back to school after Labor Day! 😁😁

This week’s pick will be:
“Wildflowers at sunset”

This beautiful painting was created on a fine summer's day, early evening, out in a field by Blue Mountain, in Pennsylvania.  I love walking the fields in solitude and listening to the wind and the birds.  There is such peace in the beauty of the natural landscape and different seasons of the year, and of life!

This romantic print can be created to your size needs, on the type of paper or surface you would like, and framed or unframed, etc.— completely customized to your decor, space, and budget requirements!

And (this part I love!) — you can actually see it on your own wall in your home or office, to make adjustments or to see if it works for your space, BEFORE you purchase it— simply hit the AR button (Augmented Reality) and you can position the artwork and see it, the way you’ve customized it, so you don’t just take a guess and worry how it will look. You can even see how it would look in different "staged" rooms too, so say you are planning on painting your living area as a summer project in the upcoming weeks and are concerned about how the new colors will look with your artwork choice, you can be sure of all of that too!

I love these features because this is a personal concern of mine when I shop online -- thinking it might be perfect online, and then when I get it home I'm disappointed with the reality of how it looks on me or in my space -- this is especially true for Art, sunglasses, jeans, or lipstick! 😂😂

Your discount is applied automatically at checkout so no codes to remember or futz around with! 😘😘😘😘

Happy shopping!! 

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Working hard!

I've been hard at work these last few weeks, wrapping up my Master's degree, and working on some showpieces for upcoming gallery exhibits.  It takes alot of work to manage both, that's for sure! I'm just going to be THRILLED to be finished with my degree work, which because I did it online rather than traditionally, took three years instead of two -- a lot of effort, to be sure.

I have some excellent things coming up the pipe for the last month of summer, and for the fall! Travel, some exhibitions, both local and not so local, new works, some fun contest giveaways on my Facebook page -- be sure to pop on by there.

Listen, folks, I can't keep up with all of the changing technology, and would rather take that time and use it working on my art, or reading a good book, so don't expect me to be all active on all these different social media sites, haha! I'm old-school, and Facebook is probably my most active place, so that's a good place to pop by, like my page, and see what's going on routinely, as I post there as routinely as it's going to get for me.  If I spent my time slathering myself all over the internet (as recommended by all marketing pro campaigns), I would never have time to paint another picture again, let alone eat a decent meal! So, that's not an option for me, as I don't have a legion of interns either :-D

Yes, it's here, my website, or my Facebook -- hilaryengland

See you soon! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Happy Independence Day!

Hello friends!

I just want to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July! I'm having a 24-hour sale in my online shop, -- offering 20% off ANY customized print, any size, any price (no minimums or maximums!) to celebrate !!  So, instead of wasting your money blowing up your yard and limbs ;-) -- pop on by my shop and buy a beautiful piece of Romantic artwork to dazzle your living space for years to come!

The discount is applied at checkout -- so you're good to go! Hurry on by -- the sale only goes til July 5th! 

Monday, June 10, 2019

Study of figure in the lily pond

“Study of figure in the lily pond” by Hilary J. England, 16” x20” oil on canvas

Figure Studies
My figure studies against or among different textures continues. This painting is rather larger than one of my usual “studies” — kind of a work in its own right, even if the intention wasn’t to make it a finished work, it sort of just happened. There were smaller grayscale studies, and my focus on this was the water, although in terms of design, the figure is still dominant, as the water leads you to her. She is center stage— literally, so she is the focal point, but for this Artwork it does work for me, even if she dominates the textures surrounding her.

The water, as it was choppy, was impossible not to stylize— but, that’s all par for course, since our own personal styles as artists always (and SHOULD) be visible in our works. We don’t create to make a voiceless photocopy, we create so that our voice and vision is also harmonious in our picture plane. I think this work balances that!


Friday, June 7, 2019

Live figure drawing

All sketches by Hilary J. England
Conte on Bristol paper

Today’s Figure work
I did more live figure work today, as I used to draw the figure a few times a week, and then I just got lazy. Figure drawing is so necessary for a realist artist— I like it to going to the gym— if you don’t go regularly, you get atrophied and flabby. Same with drawing the figure— you reflexes and mind gets flabby if you don’t continually practice it.

I made a goal to go at least once per week— I would do more over the summer, but I am in the capstone of my Masters program, and the workload is high, so maybe after the end of July I can ramp it up even further.

We started off with some 2 minute poses, the went to five, up to 10, 15, 20, and then 40 (which I missed). Next week will be all of the above and an hour long pose so I’m looking forward to that as well. ❤️❤️❤️

Portrait of Joey

"Portrait of Joey" by Hilary J. England, oil on canvas, 12" x 16" 2019 Portraits and life I started working o...