Monday, January 13, 2020

Happy thoughts!

"Dragonfly in the purple flowers" oil on canvas, 7" x 14"
It's been a busy few days, as the new year seems to start off quickly, like a shot that starts a race.  Nola was born yesterday and in the in-between of it I've tried to take a few moment's breather.  I did a little painting the day before, as I'm starting to put together thoughts for several paintings for my ongoing series.  I began to think about things -- imaginations, and thoughts and emotions that can transcribe into my composition. This process usually requires a "limbering up" -- I like to let my mind roam a little freer than usual, and do some brainstorming -- I also do whatever I feel like, in terms of paintings and drawings.  This gets the "juices" flowing -- like a warm-up before a workout. 

I started thinking of spring and summer -- and the beautiful wildflowers that line the banks of the river that's just behind my house.  I would sit out on the retention wall that sits about 12 feet above the banks, and just watch the glorious kingdom of flowers and insects -- the bees, the butterflies, the many species of dragonflies.  I would sit, sometimes for an hour or so, and just watch them.  This little universe fascinated me, and I look forward to it this year as well.

Here is a little oil painting I did of that reminiscence -- just because I was musing and enjoying the memories of it.  When I work, I like to pull on memories of many things, and this memory was a happy, calming one -- a memory of contentment and happiness in a seemingly simple view.


Thursday, January 2, 2020

New Year 2020!

Hello friends! I’m back! 😁 I hope you all had a very nice holiday and are looking forward to this new year with 2020 vision! 😉

I am hitting the ground running, and here is a collective online exhibition, entitled “Winter” through the Envision Gallery that I have two small oil artworks in.

✅Check it out! ❤️❤️❤️

Pop on by and check it out! There is some very nice art from a variety of other artist skillfully depicting their visions of winter as well! 

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