Monday, January 20, 2014

Sunlight and storm

"Sunlight and storm" by Hilary J. England
8" x 10" oil on canvas panel, 2014

This is how I feel lately, but that's OK.  I know that God is with me, and that the evil people that have surrounded us are getting their due, or at least, will get their due in time.  As the Good Book states in Romans 12:19, "Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, 'Vengeance is mine, and I will repay,' says the Lord."  Yes, these evil people who have tried to destroy my family, even some from within, will stand and face God, and receive their due, in this life perhaps, but certainly in the next.  That is enough comfort for me. I trust God, and with that, I move forward secure and confident that the evil that has been put against us will be dealt with completely by my Lord. I give them to God, and I do what is asked of me, I forgive the situation, and pity these people, because they live in complete darkness, and I move on.  I shake the dust of their evil doings off of my feet, and keep marching on.

I am happy today, very happy.  A new chapter of my life is opening, and I look forward to it with excitement, interest, and exhilaration.  There are many options open to me, no matter how haters have tried to crush out our hopes, it is not possible!  I am a Phoenix that rises from the ashes, always. 2014 is going to be an amazing year, a banner year!  I know this in my heart, in every fiber of my being!  When big change comes, it is like an earthquake, and sometimes it levels things we have shakily constructed, that we thought was good, but in actuality, was not.  We can't see it at the time, because as humans, we mostly fear change, because it is at best uncomfortable, and at worst, catastrophic, but if we remain faithful, all things work for the good of those that love Him.  This truth keeps my heart hopeful, always hopeful!

So, with that, I hope you enjoy this little painting, "Sunlight and storm."  May it bring a little peace to you as well~

Friday, January 17, 2014

Peace and Tranquility

"Lakeside flowers at dusk" by Hilary J. England
oil on canvas, 8" x 10" 2014

Things have simmered down for the moment.  The judge took pity on my daughter, with her never having been in trouble with the law before, and an extremely "flimsy" case against her which actually seemed to anger him that she was before him with four little children and an extremely agitated mother (ME), and let her go until the preliminary hearing, at which time, he feels all charges should and will be dropped against her.

I had to give this all to God, because I was fuming at the fact that the perpetrator who did this is walking around free, and actually making jokes that he did this to her.  A 70 year old man!!!  You can imagine how I feel about this person, but I gave it to God, knowing in the end He will deal with him, and that will be worse than anything I could ever say or do.

So, we move along.  Tomorrow I have an important occasion to attend with my old Master artist's retirement party, and I am very much looking forward to it.  I will miss him and his Studios, and the world will seem a blander place now that he is not in Coplay anymore.  "Time stops for no one" gets more and more true with each passing year...

Here is a little painting of the local lake, "Lakeside flowers at dusk" where I was trying to find my center again.  I imagined it in Summer, with the reeds and wildflowers and goldenrod all in full bloom.  I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful day!

Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year, New Hopes

"Stormy waves breaking over rocks" by Hilary J. England
8" x 10" oil on canvas, 2014

I have high hopes for 2014.  2013 was pretty much an awful year for us, but I have high hopes for 2014.  Sure, it has started off with an unhappy bang, with some potentially bad events looming in the future, but I have faith in the Lord to work it all out to the good of us that love Him.  So, we steam forward.

We have a very serious situation that cold-cocked us out of left field:  my oldest daughter being wrongfully arrested and facing some very large charges that could result in substantial jail time for her.  Long story short:  her landlord put stolen property into her garage without her knowledge, and she was arrested for possession of this stolen property.  She is a widow with four small children under 7 years old, and this is a devastating situation, to put it bluntly.  She has never been in trouble with the law, so this is really horrifying.

So, rather than lose my mind at the potential ramifications of this for her, the children, and our family in general, I am in deep prayer and maintaining faith that God will protect her and our babies through this ordeal, and the landlord and his cohorts will be prosecuted, and all charges will be dropped against her.

So, the paintings I have been doing are reflecting this pain.  I can't touch on it too deeply, just move in a way that will be both therapeutic and releasing for the deep pain that I am feeling right now.

This painting is called "Stormy waves breaking over rocks."  Enjoy~

Stormy Times

“Stormy day in the fields - Tennessee” oil on wooden panel, 18” x 18” by Hilary J. England I painted an original study when I was in Tenness...