Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lovely things and future hopes

"Study of twilight over water"
I am finally starting to feel better, after a month of misery.  Still not 100%, but much better.  This has been an absolute misery, this last month, but I am grateful to be feeling better, and just want to forget all about it now.

It was more than the flu, though.  I had a pretty bad health scare at the beginning of the month, one that's not entirely over or resolved yet, but I am hoping for the best, so that also contributed to all of this misery as well.  I am confident that everything will work itself out, and that allowed me to have peace after the initial shock of what was possibly going on.  No one ever thinks anything bad can actually happen to them, I admit this to be true, so when the impossible starts creeping into the realm of possible, it's a gnawing and inescapable lonely fear.  I did work through all of this in the last month, and I feel somewhat confident to face whatever possibility is being pitched at me at this point.  I have only positive thoughts for the future, and I won't waiver in that, no matter what. God is on my side!

So, with this mindset, I will march into the next few months, and I anticipate the beautiful Spring, and all of the joys that it brings.  I have some very happy things to look forward to, including my lovely sister's wedding and all of the nuptial festivities, my graduation in June, a move to new digs, so there is lots to be happy about.  No matter what goes on in the realm of my health issue, I will still face it with confidence that God is with me, and will never give me more than I can bear. I keep the positive always ahead of me, and focus on those things that are lovely and joyful, and continue to go forward.

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