Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Amazing freedom!

It's been a while.  I guess I was overwhelmed--cancer threat, flu, various other hideous personal issues...end result:  moving through divorce.

Another divorce.  I loathed the idea, until:  _________.  I hope he and his new woman are happy.  I'll send them a housewarming gift.

So, Jesu!  My life life.  I don't sweat these things any more, because of the pace of things--I remain focused on the prize: My relationship with God, my purpose on this Earth, and of course, the beautiful people I am privileged to know, mostly in the form of family, from all generations.

Do I feel badly? Of course.  How would you feel?  Betrayed.  Plus other feelings.  But, I move on.  Obviously, he didn't love me any more than I loved him....God works in strange ways for us both.  We are both set free from this mess.

I don't hate, any more than I can hope he has no hard feelings toward me.  This year has been incredibly hard: a cancer scare, flu that nearly killed me, other problems, and just when I thought I was through the rain...this.  Oh, but this was probably the worst.  A complete backstab.

I can't dwell on it.  Just move on.  I feel it tomorrow, or another day, just not today.  Today, I have to deal with all of the troubles that today brings, and a backstabbing, wayward, lying husband is not worth it.  Let him deal with his own shortcomings, along with the woman he is with, and who contacted me, to start the ball rolling.  I thank God for the blessing of knowing, and being finally FREE.

So, divorce is not always a bad thing.

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