Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nauset lighthouse

"Nauset lighthouse, Cape Cod" watercolor on paper, 11" x 14"

The weather has been absolutely fantastic--what a lovely stretch of warm before the winter begins to creep up.

Here is a little study I did in the car while waiting for Noelle haha. Anthony says it's a new series of "car art" 😆😆. This is of Nauset lighthouse. Although the trip was a colossal fail, the moments on the beach were, as always, so beautiful, it was enough to make the rest of worth it. I saw a pod of whales in the distance, their spouts signaling their presence in the stormy blue green Atlantic, and then, the moment that momentarily transformed my trip into a happy one: two seals cavorting in the surf! I watched them as the happily moved through the breakers, oblivious to the ominous sign warning all that great whites patrol those waters. No, they seemed carefree to the point of ethereal. It was a few moments of bliss for me, until they returned to the mysterious regions only they are aware of.


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