Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bodyscape of redhead

"Bodyscape of redhead" by Hilary J. England, Goauche on watercolor board, 30" X 40"

This took two sessions. I decided to stir the pot and work in water medium (Goauche), something I rarely do. I must say, it was pretty agitating for me, since my usual approach of laying down paint in oils certainly did not work in water medium...I had to take everything I am used to, and flip it on its head. Water medium is a little too dainty for me, and even as such, I still brutalized that paint and and got a certain amount of enjoyment out of it at that. In the end, I am not unpleased with the results. Not over the moon, but not displeased either. Guardedly optimistic, and I feel this painting does work and was a success, despite my awkwardness with the materials, including an Arches board that started warping almost immediately, much to my frustration. I was able to pin it down and will protect and compress the painting before mounting and framing, which should easily solve that issue.

So, I will do a second painting to match this one, also in Goauche. I will not do that painting until I get the model lined up for two sessions....maybe the same one, maybe a different one. Still planning....

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