Biography and Current Directions

Hilary J. England was born in Brooklyn, NY and has studied painting and drawing at the Art Students League of New York since 1991. She has since exhibited at various galleries in New York, Pennsylvania and across Europe, and is collected internationally.  She currently resides and works in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.

Her present body of work explores the transition of contemporary youth into adulthood, and the spectrum of emotion and issues involved with that shift.   “In the examination of this subject, I am addressing the effects of single parenthood and poverty on young adults and children in rural America. The teens/young adults in these paintings are all products of single parent families, and have struggled with the complications associated with that. They suffer from particular issues that are exclusive to them alone due to their circumstances, yet they also share universal ‘coming of age’ concerns that are common to all people and cultures.   I use bold palette, na├»ve approach to color, line, and skewed perspective to attempt to show the alienation and confusion between traditional childhood values we espouse as a society, and the new marginalized norm and divide they are actually experiencing.”

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