Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's 67th birthday, so we are going over to his place to celebrate, and bringing him his favorite, an ice cream cake--I always laugh about how he likes ice cream cake with his birthday being in January--coldest month in the Northeast!

It's sunny out, and although it is quite frigid today, it is still a very nice day.  I'm trying to gather up the gang and get rolling, but my coffee hasn't kicked in even at noon, as I didn't sleep well last night, and just layed in bed watching TCM until about 4 a.m...that sucks.

I dropped off my work in NYC yesterday, in prep for the upcoming exhibition, so I'm glad that is done, since I almost missed the dropoff date the gallery scheduled since I have been scatterbrained and preoccupied, and wrote the wrong date down like a dumbass.  Lucky I just happened to read the info they sent me just one more time again, and nearly pissed myself when I saw I had to make a scramble into the City the next morning rather than when I had

I have finished two new paintings, and will try to get photos of them has been so cold and windy that outdoor photography is out of the question, especially for an incompetent photographer such as I am....tomorrow's forecast is supposed to be slightly warmer and less windy, so I can give it a try then.

Heads up on the fact that these two new paintings are abstract, not impressionist or realist.  Every now and then I just get an overwhelming feeling to do an abstract series, and this was one of these times.  I'll give you the whole thought process involved with this evolving series as I post the paintings.

Ciao, friends.

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