Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paging Spring!

"Butterfly and sunflower" by Hilary J England oil on canvas 8" x 11"

Paging Spring!  We need you on the floor STAT!  This frozen weather has grown beyond tiresome, and it also seems that it sucks the life out of everyone, especially the most frail.  I have yet another funeral to attend this week...my Uncle, who passed away on Saturday night.  I am finished with the sad procession of trips to the cemetery.  I am desperate to see the little green sprouts of renewed life coming up from the dark, damp soil...

I have Red Dot NYC coming up the first weekend in March, and a few other shows to prep for, so back into the frigid weather which is my studio.  I am armed with some kerosene and an extra bundle of wood, so hopefully I can get warm enough to work comfortably.  I usually forget the cold until it hits my toes, and once they get numb, I can't ignore it anymore...Feet are terribly important!

So, I hope you enjoy the quick oil sketch above...it's all about the warm weather!

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