Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Bright blue Spring sky, yellow field, one red poppy" by Hilary J. England, 2012, 8" x 11"

So, all of the holidays and birthdays are done now, THANK GOD.  I don't think my nerves or my wallet could withstand anymore, hehe...

I've been out and about, with the area being in full-bloom, and so much beautiful color everywhere, I just don't know where to look first.  It's strange, because of the weird "winter" we had this year, everything bloomed early, or just in an odd pattern, with daffodils springing up, and withering in some cases, and then, there was this.  In the middle of a yellow field filled with new grass or hay or whatever this blooming mass of grass-like growth was on a farm-field, was a surreal, rogue poppy flower.  I didn't pick it, just painted it.  I don't want to wear out my welcome on any farm, or worse, get shot with salt ;-)

The sky was intensely blue, yet with thunderclouds behind me, so I had to move fast.  So, here is the result of a rapid study...I can still see the rogue red poppy in front of me and smile.

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