Wednesday, September 30, 2015


"Paris" oil on canvas, by Hilary J. England, 16" x 20" x 2", 2015  No. 4 in series "Travelogue"  

Each object in this painting represents something.  The red woolen cape with fur trim was a really warm coat I wore there when it was (and I was) feeling very festive, and boy, did I get festive wearing this coat lolololololol.  I always loved a yellow rose, as it represents new beginnings, or welcome home, and friendship, which is what Paris always represents to me, in her eternal sunshine and optimism that is the city itself.

I very much enjoyed painting this, and it was a challenge, as all still life work is to me, as I don't usually have a lot of discipline and patience that these require, as I would rather flit off to something else like a butterfly, so painting this series has been very good for me, as it requires I sit still and just concentrate, which I haven't done too much truly quiet work like this in a long time.  Anything that pushes our boundaries of comfort is ultimately a growing experience, and that is good.


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