Sunday, June 7, 2009

Too Dumb to be Smart

Well, I find myself in the same quandry. I live in a beautiful and insane world...but, I hope a few of us do.

I went to "Venice Biennale 2009" and wanted to puke. I guess I lost myself in stupidity for a while...I forgot being an artist was being a liar...being a painter was being a bullshitter.

Half-wits who put together incoherent "statements" and INSULTINGLY debased works...but, they spout the "correct" bullshit, and hobnob and lick ass to the right "friends". I forgot how I will be lost in a sea of nothingness, because I'm not gay enough, sick enough, left enough, pathetic enough, but most of all, not SHITTY enough, because if I have any talent, I'll expose them, and not fit into their weird little "wanna be eccentric but not untalented" box. Wanna live a lifestyle that feeds a lie.

Art is about beauty and connection. Art doesn't need an incoherent statement behind it to be beloved. It's about reality...and not incoherence--if it can't be verbalized, it can't be executed. And vice versa. You can't run before you walk, and you can't create before you can even form the creation into a simple statement...a statement that means something...a statement that is UNIVERSAL enough to be "art" If you have to attach a 15 page "statement" of crap that no one but a decoder can understand to even make your work viewable enough that it won't be thrown out with the are just a bullshitter. A liar. I have no time for liars, con men, and stupid suckers that perp it. Remember the book...The Emperor's New Clothes...written by a true artist...HCA. (that's your hint my sweet friends lol)

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