Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Blahs........

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and I couldn't sleep a wink last night, so I woke up early for breakfast, realized I was nearly comatose, and went back to my bed.  Mark let me sleep right through Church, and I woke up at around noon to the phone ringing, and other such unpleasantries...

I think I'm catching cold, or we need to dust, because it's allergies.  Whatever, it's irritating and adding to my not so happy mood.  We're supposed to get together for a life drawing sessions later, and the guys are expecting a Super Bowl spread, not to mention I have to get to the gym, pick up the youngest gal, and I really don't feel like doing much of anything at all.

I had very odd dreams, and that always makes me feel like I'm still under the influence of sleep...half awake, half gone.  I tried reading some art magazines, but that only brought me down, reading the "garbage" explanations for crappy work...they put more effort into trying to explain the slop that is on their canvas, than in the actual artwork itself.  If bullshit was a medium, we'd have an awful lot of Masters about.

So, that's that.  I've met up with an amazing local photographer, and we are looking to come to terms on him photographing my work, which is a bit of wonderful news, since this has been a huge sticking point for me.  I really look forward to working with Rod, and this will be a big load off of my shoulders since when it comes time to photograph my work, I get rather bent out of shape during the task.  It generally takes me all day for one decent shot, and I really don't want to waste that time, since it's time I could be painting rather than doing that sh*t.  So, that's happy news.

I have several shows coming up, and have to really get a move on.  I'm looking for some wholesale framing venues, since, as all other Artist's know, framing is another demon in the unholy trinity of annoyances that comes with being a painter...framing, photographing, and shipping.  The devils of the business.

I'm working with a gallery in London for a summer exhibition, so, when I head to Paris in July, I will stop off there for several days and see what I can get accomplished.  I need to take my vitamins and keep the pace going!!

I have been working on some charcoal self portraits, but, will move on to canvas.  I'm also beginning a portrait commission, so that will take some time--probably about a week...

Will post news and new photos as it comes!!!


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