Saturday, September 4, 2010

New painting

"Trepidation" by Hilary J England, oil on hardwood panel, 12" by 12"
I have been really slow about getting things done lately. I have had a tumultuous couple of weeks, and now I am hoping things start to settle down...
This is one of my newest paintings, called "Trepidation." It is 12" by 12" oil on hardwood panel, and it is part of the series I am doing of our relationship with the beach. This painting is the second one that will be exhibited in Barcelona, Spain, in Nov/Dec. of this year.
Well, that's about it. Will post more in another day or two when this "holiday" is over.

Have a good one...

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  1. You shouldn't read if you don't want me to "reveal" myself. I post what I struggle with, with what makes me happy, sad, or angry...generally what moves and motivates me on a day to day basis...and if you don't like that, you have the option to read something one forces you to read this.


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