Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cool nights

Wow, when I was a little girl, I absolutely LOVED this man. I know it's weird, but his voice is so sublime, and I was transfixed with him. I thought he was such a handsome man, maybe because he reminded me of Jesus LOL.

This song takes me back!!! I love watching the video, and seeing how music was original then, with no corporate backers marketing them as objects or products, and they picked their own clothes instead of being dressed by staff that made a "look" for them, etc. They actually wrote and sang their own music, and looked like they were having fun, not enduring a choreographed workout some pencil pusher indicated they should do, to enhance their marketable image.

R.I.P. Paul Davis, you were a true artist, and you shaped my thoughts about love from when I was a little girl...romantic, exciting, contemplated. Just delicious. 

Come on over tonight...come on over....

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