Monday, December 19, 2011

Legendary creatures and local mythology

It's been a long time since I wrote here.  I guess I have been very busy, and I have been shunning writing, for whatever reason, but, it is what it is right now.

Today, while I was running along the canals in Weissport, I saw a black creature running along the ice, close to the shore.  It was running parallel to the embankment, and as I jogged, at first, it appeared to me to be a cat.  But, why would a cat be running along the ice near the shore?  I ran even faster to catch up with the animal, and as I neared it, I began to get an icky feeling it may be a big black rat.  I slowed my pace, and instinctively, the animal turned to look behind, casting his body into a profile position, and I was was a mink!  A beautiful, dark brownish black, large mink!  He turned to run and I chased after him, ripping the earphones out of my ears and fumbling to find my camera app. 

As I approached him, he tried to take refuge and hide from me in the brush that hung over the canal, still on the frail ice of the still stream.  I crept up slowly, and he was crouched into a position, as if ready to spring and strike at me.  I began to chuckle to myself about what kind of story I would have if I was attacked by a mink while out for my daily run.  Not a cougar, but a mink.  As I slowly stalked up to where I could get a good look and photo of him, he took one last baleful glare at me, and plunged into an opening in the ice and disappeared.  I missed my shot, and was sorely disappointed.

I waited for a few moments to see if he would resurface, but, he didn't.  So, I continued my run, and about 20 yards away, stopped and looked back, and there he was, on the ice again, watching my retreat.  I decided to leave him in peace and continue on my way, and just be content with the fact that I spotted him and actually saw a mink in the wild, and not stuffed in Cabela's showroom.

Anthony thought it was pretty funny, and said, "You should've caught and skinned him!  He's probably worth good money."  I told him not to be sick ;-)

So, that's my "TG" gratitude moment for the day!

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