Sunday, July 8, 2012

Warsaw, Poland

Ah, it was an interesting day, but I am tucked away in Warsaw, in a really nice room, waiting on room service (decided to stay inside in the air conditioning, after sweating for the last three weeks, haha) of Polish style duck and other delights.

Fast forward an hour, and I just had the most delightful dinner!  The tuxedoed waiter knocked softly, and viola, there was a tray laden with some absolutely amazing food.  Polish-style roasted duck, seasoned roasted apples and potatoes, warm, freshly baked rolls with three different types of whipped butter (one was garlicky, the other sweet cream, and the other had parsely and dill in it) , and a heavenly, fluffy, vanilla and chocolatey dessert, which was gorgeously decorated with chocolate sauce and fresh whipped cream, and some very fresh raspberries, plus a steaming pot of espresso.  Wow--nothing beats high quality restaurant food and service while you're chilling in your pajamas!

I was very impressed with how clean and beautiful the city is.  Plus, the Polish are very efficient, really.  Their service is very perfunctory, but it is done with a smile.  I appreciate that.  They are really very good caretakers and don't mess around when it comes to service.  We need a bit of that back home!

So now, I'm just relaxing in my suite, sipping some espresso, having a smoke (yes, that's another thing, even though they are an extremely progressive and modern city, you are still allowed to SMOKE).  Room service is bringing up a bucket of ice for me for the overnight, and I'm going to watch a movie, probably "Hugo," since I want something light-hearted after not watching any TV at all for the last several weeks.

I am looking forward to going home, being with everyone, and am very thankful for the wonderful couple of weeks I had with the artist's residency project.  Just awesome.  I'm looking forward to the exhibition in Berlin this fall, and new adventures!  But for now, I will be happy to sleep in my bed again, wake up and see my family, and snuggle with my dog.  Life is good :-)  Goodnight--time to relax and watch my movie.

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