Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day 15-16

"View down onto a terrace" by Hilary J. England, 11" x 14" oil on panel, 2014
This is the painting I was not able to complete the other day due to the violent weather....we were thinking of going back to that spot and finishing today, but upon reflection, I think I will leave it this way.  It has a nice raw, primitive quality to it, simple and basic and fresh like the young gal on the balcony that day.  If it had been "destined" to be further refined, Providence would have had the weather hold out, so I won't mess with what should be.  This painting is finished.

The last few days were absolutely jam-packed, going to Dracula's castle, Brasov, and Balea Lac up in the top of the Carpathians.  It was an amazing weekend, and we truly enjoyed our time traveling, but, for me, it was not a work weekend...simply a pleasure trip.  We did not have enough time to leisurely paint, as we had a lot of stops on our itinerary...the idea was to get as much exposure to Romanian as we could, and Lee really managed that well.

So, enjoy this little painting, and I'm off to enjoy my day off today, then back to work tomorrow!

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