Monday, July 14, 2014

Homeward Bound-Leg 2

Sitting in the airport now, after a tasty vanilla cappuccino from the vending machine, and just relaxing.

I found an enclave of other homeless traveler's, it was kind of empty, but a woman or two around, and feeling comfortable with that, set up on the floor (carpeted, but kind of nasty still, oh well), pulled out my traveler's pillow, put my hoodie over my face to block out the sun, and presto! I slept for 7 hours on that damn floor, and miraculously, am not crippled. When I woke up, the group of us three women had become about 40 women of all ages and a sprinkling of young men (of course).  It was pretty interesting, as we were all sleeping literally side by side, and yet, there was no discomfort, and strangely, no snoring.  I marveled at that for a few minutes, then got up, stretched, but my shoes and socks back on  (yes, most people had removed there shoes, and with my nose being a little stuffed I'm glad I didn't smell anything being so close to one another LOL), and went to the bathroom to "wash up" fix my hair, and put my bra on (yes, that had been removed prior to the sleep attempt as well haha).

Then, out and about to wake up and find a cup of coffee. I was pretty budgeted with only 500 rubles in my pocket (the equivalent of 20 bucks) but I was able to get two bottles of water, an emergency Snickers bar, a vanilla cappucino, and still have 300 rubles left.I guess it proves I could be a bum if necessary LOL...I guess you are not truly a world explorer until you have this type of experience. I feel proud now.

Now, flight takes off at 3:20 PM and it is 7:41 AM  I think this part will be the most boring since I packed my adapter into my checked luggage and all my tech is going down without the ability to recharge so this will be my last entry until I get home probably in the next 24 hours.  I am looking forward to getting home, getting cleaned up, unpacked, and getting to work, but also missing the travel already.  My next trip will be a multi-destinational trip, or possibly to South America, so I am starting to plot it already! So, I'm out until I catch everyone Stateside.  God bless!

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