Friday, August 14, 2015

Study of Pat

"Pat in her shift" conte on bristol, 18" x 24"

On the fly today.  Did a few hours of figure drawing at the Art Establishment in Bethlehem, with out ever patient and gracious model Pat.  I got some good clothed studies, but my eyes and feet were hurting still from last night, so it kind of cast a little pall over my drawing...grrrr....

On a more upbeat, we will be meeting more than once now for the upcoming weeks, and I very much look forward to that.  I will also start teaching drawing at the Art Establishment in September, not sure of the nights yet, but when I know, I'll let you all know, in case you want to come and learn how to draw--from me, the Master Drill Sergeant!  LOL--only kidding.  This is a beginner's class, and no experience is necessary, just a desire to learn.

So, now off to deal with the work flow....but, I'm grateful for every day.  Enjoy!!

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