Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spring flowers on the old wall

"Spring flowers on the old wall" by Hilary J. England
oil on canvas, 8" x 10" 2016

Walking around town, I always find little interesting things to paint when I go out of the way, into areas that are somewhat quiet and left to themselves.

This was such an interesting wall, with all it's little flowers and crisscrossed vines, I couldn't help but do a fast oil painting of it.  The whole scene with the colors and textures, was very satisfying and soothing.  It's nice to be outdoors again, and it feels good if not a little strange after so many days inside because of the rain and rain and rain....

I did drop my palette straight down into the dirt once.  That's just to remind me who my Daddy is lolololol.  Never mess with nature, even on the calmest of days!


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