Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Robin

Here is the finished painting, 12” x12” oil on hardwood gallery wrapped panel. The sides will be painted white, so it will have a beautiful modern feeling to it and will hang wired and unframed.

I really enjoyed to do this painting— it was a change painting on the wooden panel and the super smooth surface was a pleasure to paint on. I love conveying different textures, and when painting on a very smooth surface, all the depth and textural dimensions are left for my own creation, which is very enjoyable.

The Robin was in all the purple flowers and ground cover, so I gave it a minimalist, dreamy, sort of ethereal background, to keep focus on the curious robin.

I gave my robin a look of curiosity— they are very smart birds! I don’t think that the average bird is worthy of lesser treatment than the “average” person. Sure, a robin may not be a fancy schmancy bird, any more than an average person isn’t some fancy schmancy “celebrity”— but I find the humble even more beautiful than the peacocks of the world. I’ve always been attracted to that— the quiet beauty of humble objects, people, landscapes— their beauty is magnificent— and I like to treat it as such! 

Cheers to the beautiful, mundane robins of the world ❤️❤️

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