Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Winter Wonderland

"Lonesome crow in the storm"  by Hilary J. England, 9" x 11" oil on hardwood panel

We awoke to another Winter Wonderland this morning; six inches or so of fluffy snow--and to the grumbling of the local world.  The postmistress and company were particularly agitated...I could hear their complaining through the walls of my office, but I don't mind.  My mind is numb to all the's become a commonplace obstacle.

I like the snow, and the isolation it causes.  The streets get quiet, and people just stay indoors.  I suppose a hundred years ago they would sit about and knit, whittle, or just tidy up and enjoy a good discussion by the crackling fire, but now everyone lays about watching the tube, playing videos, or, what I'm doing, pecking away at my keyboard.

If I dress in layers and stay nice and warm, a good, calming trek into the woods is always conducive to inspiration.  But, the feet are a particular problem when the snow gets a bit deeper.  Cold, wet feet always translates into discomfort and misery, and my hiking boots are waterproof, just not to this depth (of snow).

I have given up trying to keep up with all of the snow tracked into the thing about this old house, was the builders didn't have the foresight to put in a mud room.  That would have done wonders...

Well, out to the studio to work on some bigger paintings.  Hope you enjoyed the one above!

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